General Conditions

1. General

These general terms and conditions apply to all products and services of Ara Schrijvers Photography.

When purchasing the services of Ara Schrijvers Photography you automatically (tacitly) agree to these terms and conditions. If you object to these conditions, you can only make this known in writing and prior to the report.

These general terms and conditions can be adjusted by Ara Schrijvers Photography at any time.

2. Photo reports

You choose a certain photographer because the style of this photographer appeals to you. Ara Schrijvers Photography is free to apply her artistic knowledge and insight in the photo reportage.

A selection of photos will be made from each photo report. Ara Schrijvers Photography will make a selection of the best photos in its opinion, so that the style of the photographer is fixed in the photo report. The photo report is only complete after Ara Schrijvers Photography has made this selection. Ara Schrijvers Photography is free to judge at its own discretion which photos are suitable to show you.

You will receive the photos digitally via Pixieset within 3 weeks after your photo shoot, provided that the invoice has been paid on time. See also article 3.3.

No unedited original photos will be delivered.

3. Payments & Delivery Time

By making an appointment for a photo shoot, you indicate that you agree with these payment terms. These terms and conditions apply to all services, unless otherwise agreed in writing in consultation with both parties.

Any travel expenses incurred by Ara Schrijvers Photography are not included in the price of a photo report and must be paid separately. The travel costs outside Utrecht are € 0.35 per kilometer. Ara Schrijvers Photography works at a maximum distance of 90 km from Utrecht, which is equivalent to 1 hour travel time.

After requesting a photo shoot, you will receive an invoice as soon as possible with a description of the order, the costs and the bank details to pay the 50% deposit. In the event of any inaccuracies, you must report this to Ara Schrijvers Photography immediately after receipt of the invoice. After the photo shoot you will receive an invoice for the remaining 50%. Once that invoice is paid, you will receive the photos.

The payment term of your invoice is 14 days, unless otherwise agreed. If payment is not received within the agreed payment term, an additional 2% of the invoice amount will be charged.

All amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT.

If additional work and/or higher costs are involved in a shoot, these will be invoiced on subsequent calculation. This concerns necessary costs or costs that are incurred at your request, such as material costs, location costs, repeat orders and changes to the standard style. You will always be informed about this in time, during or after the photo shoot.

Your photo report and your photos are made for you personally, therefore a refund of money is not possible under any circumstances.

4. Complaints, Liability & Responsibility

Complaints regarding the work delivered must be reported to the photographer in writing as soon as possible, but in any case within 10 working days after delivery of the photos. Ara Schrijvers Photography then examines to what extent a financial compensation or repetition of the photo shoot is possible, whereby the photographer initially has the right to deliver good work for rejected work within a reasonable period of time.

It is not possible to claim money back under any circumstances. In the event of dissatisfaction, a new appointment may be made to achieve the desired goal. This is only possible if an official complaint has been submitted within 10 days according to point 5.1.

It is under no circumstances possible to make (damage) claims against the photographer, in any sense whatsoever.

You are responsible and liable for yourself and your belongings during the photo shoot. Damage to yourself, your property and others in the broadest sense of the word cannot be recovered from the photographer in any way.

Participation in a photo shoot is entirely at your own risk.

5. Copyrights & Publications

Copyrights (and other rights attributed to the photographer by Dutch law) of all reports always remain in the possession of Ara Schrijvers Photography. If you share the photos privately via your social media channels, it is appreciated if you tag Ara Schrijvers Photography in it.

All photos by Ara Schrijvers Photography are subject to copyright. It is therefore not permitted to reproduce or publish these products without the prior written permission of Ara Schrijvers Photography. Digital files are also protected by copyright and are therefore only intended for your own use and not for publication.

Any allocated right to publication is personal and non-transferable.

When confirming a photo shoot, you immediately confirm the use of these photos on the website and social media channels of Ara Schrijvers Photography, unless indicated otherwise by you. If you do not want a specific photo to be used online, you can indicate this to Ara Schrijvers Photography after delivery of the photos. If you do not wish to have any photos online, you must notify us when booking the photo shoot.

The photos will never be shared with (commercial) third parties without your permission. When publishing in a magazine, online or in print, your permission will be requested in advance.

6. Cancellation & Force Majeure

If you cancel the photo shoot, Ara Schrijvers Photography is entitled to 20% of the agreed fee as compensation for the lost income. In case of cancellation of a mini shoot, Ara Schrijvers Photography is entitled to 100% of the agreed fee. A mini shoot is transferable.

In case of bad weather (storm, thunderstorm or heavy rain), a photo shoot that would take place outside may be canceled by Ara Schrijvers Photography or by you as a customer. This will be decided jointly no later than the morning of the planned photo shoot.

It may happen that a photo shoot cannot take place due to force majeure (illness, etc.), as a result of which Ara Schrijvers Photography cannot meet the appointment. In that case, the photo shoot will be rescheduled. If this is not an option for you, you will receive tips for alternative photographers from Ara Schrijvers Photography.