I'm Ara.

Photographer based in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

I'm Ara.


I am here to fill you with inspiration and create your own story.

About Ara Schrijvers scaled

Photographer based in Utrecht and Amsterdam, specialized in photography with soul. Intimate, elegant & soulful photography focussed on motherhood, maternity, couples and fashion.


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I graduated in Tourism at the University of Malaga, Spain and then I specialized in maternity, wedding and fashion photography through different courses and workshops held in Utrecht and Amsterdam. I have collaborated with photographers and artists from different fields who have deeply influenced the aesthetic sense of my work and my work has been published by Lensational Magazine and Momentum Magazine.

I have always loved photography and painting, driven by my love of art, books and movies. My philosophy of life is to create true connections with people creating unique experiences seeking at all times the beauty and authenticity of everything we live and surrounds us. My work serves as a summary of everything I love in the world, compositions and ways of using light that reflect my way of looking, feeling and living femininity, love and life.

That’s why I pour my soul into every shot.

During this last year I have had the privilege of documenting the beautiful stories of many mothers, families and artists from the world of fashion and art in Utrecht and Amsterdam.